Wish Wednesday: Whitening For Wishes Raises $4,000 For Make-A-Wish

The smiles around Lubbock are a lot whiter since March.
By Allison Morrison

LUBBOCK, TX - The smiles around Lubbock are a lot whiter since March.

Earlier this year, Dr. Jason White started whitening teeth for a purpose.

He called the campaign, Whitening for Wishes.

"Everyone had a lot of fun. Patients came out, citizens of Lubbock that aren't patients of mine came out and bought a box," Dr. White said.

White sold each box of Sheer White whitening strips for $40 at his dental office.

He gave 100 percent of the proceeds to Make-A-Wish.

White had hoped to sell 100 boxes, but he ended up selling 120.

"We had people all the way from Florida (buy a box). Some of my friends in Arizona saw our deal on Facebook and ordered boxes."

All of those boxes amounted to $4,000 and Dr. White is giving every cent of that to Make-A-Wish.

He said he hopes to double the donation next year with the help of his peers.

"My goal is to open it up to the dental community and hope that next year a couple of other dental offices join me in this effort of using whitening, and the luxury of it, to raise proceeds for Make-A-Wish."

To buy a box of Sheer White whitening strips, call Dr. White's office at 806-795-5226 or visit his office located at 4425 98th Street, Suite 300.
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