Wish Wednesday: Willow Bend Elementary Names Student "Principal For A Day"

“Dress-up” days are popular fundraisers for school kids.

By Allison Morrison

LUBBOCK, TX – “Dress-up” days are popular fundraisers for school kids.

But when one Frenship elementary school was challenged to raise money for Make-A-Wish, they thought outside the box.

Willow Bend Elementary held a raffle for students and the winner got to be the school’s principal for a day.

"I heard them say Addison Hurley for principal for the day— I was so excited," Addison Hurley said.

Hurley is in second grade at Willow Bend Elementary.

Her name was selected from the raffle and for one day last week, she took Denise Stewart’s job.

"Today on the docket we've got a couple of interviews, we've got a couple of grade-level meetings that we're going to attend, lunch duty, end of school duty," Stewart said

Stewart is the "real" principal at Willow Bend Elementary.

After morning announcements, she led Hurley on her morning rounds.

They checked each classroom door to make sure they were locked and handed out prizes to kids who were following the rules.

"I know they tell me what to say but I'm a little nervous, like if somebody gets in trouble, I'm a little nervous. What if they're a big fifth grader?" Hurley told us.

Willow Bend raised about $200 for Make-A-Wish through this fundraiser.

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