Xeriscaping: Saving Water for the Future

Saving money on water is something lots of people are working on, and some say it's as simple as changing your landscape. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.
"Whatever we can do to help conserve water and use water efficiently in our landscape means there's more for our use in the future."

Carmon McCain said his organization has been promoting xeriscaping for years, and it seems that now it's catching on.

"The people of the area are starting to embrace this as time goes on," said McCain.

Chad Prince, owner of Lawn Works said more and more of his customers are requesting it.

"Everybody asks about it," said Prince. "The cost of water is probably the main reason. They don't realize it's a precious resource."

Prince said he has put in turf, tile, and granite as alternatives to grass at several businesses and homes.

"All the plants are gonna be like desert style plants, like the salvia, the desert willows, the pampas grasses, the yuccas."

And, Prince said, these types of plants are easy to care for.

"Low maintenance, less watering."
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