Youth Football Skipping Flag and Going Straight to Tackle

Football programs are starting off kids as young as age 5 in tackle football programs

By Christian Henson

LUBBOCK, TX -- Youth football leagues are starting kids off playing tackle football as young as age 5.

Lubbock Pediatrician, Dr. Richard Lampe, suggests the earliest age a child should start playing tackle football is around age 10.

In tackle football kids wear helmets and pads but kids can still get head injuries while wearing a helmet.

R.J Castijella, President of the Lubbock Youth Football, says the league changed to every grade level playing tackle because the flag football kids were accidentally tackling each other and they wanted the extra protection of helmets and pads.

Lampe encourages kids to play sports, like football, but he thinks they should be very careful with contact sports until junior high school.
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