YouTube Video Showcases Lousy Lubbock Driving

Many of us complain about Lubbock driving, but one man actually took to the streets to expose bad habits. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald caught up with Tod Stinson, the man behind the "Lubbock Driving Caught On Tape."
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- It's a topic, where everyone seems to have an opinion...

"I've driven all over the state, and I think they are some of the worst in the state are right here in Lubbock," said one man.

Overall, Lubbock drivers have the reputation of being bad.

"Yeah I notice a lot of people on cell phones and stuff like that," said one man.

"I have a pet peeve, nobody uses a turn signal in Lubbock, and they are not all that great of drivers here and speed limits seem to be just suggestions to a lot of people," said another.

And this man -- Tod Stinson -- got the proof. Stinson owns the Open Trail Video WorX production company here in town and needed a project to get the company started. He made two "Lubbock Driving Caught On Tape" videos, showcasing some of the worst habits out on the roads.

"I think in many ways, I used the show to kind of vent my own frustration with Lubbock drivers and the irresponsible thinking that I think goes on in traffic," said Stinson.

"You know it was really easy to capture the stuff that's in those videos, that's what was probably a little shaming to me as a Lubbock citizen," said Stinson.

The problems he sees the most? No turn signals and plain old distracted driving. His first video went viral, with more than 6,000 views.

"Its been mixed, its been a polarizer. People are either on one side or the other, no one likes to be told that they are doing something wrong. Nobody wants to be critically evaluated about anything they do," he said.

"Not only just texting and driving, eating and driving different things that people different things that people are doing in the cars that really shouldn't even be done in the cars," said driving instructor Terry Garrett.

Garrett says more and more he sees people multi-tasking while driving when they should be focused on the roads.

"I think its just mainly just a very hectic lifestyle that we've all kind of fallen into, and everybody just forgets those basic skills and those basic courtesy moves," said Garrett.

Police notice it, too. Lubbock Police Sergeant Jason Lewis says officers write tickets for impeding traffic and failure to maintain lanes -- both signs, of distracted driving.

Stinson says, he doesn't plan on making more of his videos, but he's glad to help bring attention to what he calls a problem.

"I think I have done my part locally to bring awareness to bad driving, but definitely its an issue I think both lawmakers and maybe cell phone manufacturers need to address as far as safety being built into our smart phones and that sort of thing," said Stinson.

Here are links to Stinson's videos:
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