Dallas non-profit group brings Christians together for faith and fitness

Women are getting together for faith and fitness.

DALLAS -- A group of women working out isn't what usually comes to mind when one thinks about "church ladies."

But the women doing a crossfit class at Endursis Crossfit Gym South Dallas are part of Fit and Faithful, a non-profit organization that connects North Texas Christians to each other, with a healthy goal.

"[I] basically created it to help inspire, educate, and get people moving in our community, because of the rate of obesity," explained Fit and Faithful Living founder LaChanda Dupard. "It's just blowing up America. It's blowing up everyone. And we need to start moving, so we can live more productive lives."

The online network brings together people who want to inspire each other to be strong in body and in spirit.

"I was brought up in the church," said 65-year-old Alma Garlon, "and the church is 99.9 percent of my life, and there's no other way for me."

"My body is a temple that God gave me, and if I don't keep it up - fit and eating right - it will break down like anything else," said 45-year-old Monica Lott.

Many groups meet in health clubs or ordinary neighborhoods for a workout. The group that meets at Endursis Crossfit Gym Saturday morning works out to inspirational music and ends each session with testimonials and prayer, which adds to their faith in fitness.
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