Davis Formally Announces Gubernatorial Run

State senator Wendy Davis formally announced in Ft. Worth today she will run for governor. But just how much of a shot does the democrat have of actually winning?
Sen. Davis announces run for governor (Erika Rich)
Sen. Davis announces run for governor (Erika Rich)

State senator Wendy Davis formally announced her gubernatorial run in Ft. Worth today.

Davis became a household name in June thanks to her 11 hour filibuster against the state's new abortion restrictions.

Her opponent will likely be Attorney General Greg Abbott, a favorite for the Republican nominee.

While Texas is an increasingly conservative state, experts say that in the right circumstances, she might just have a chance of winning.

"What I think she needs to happen is that Abbott makes some big mistakes," according to Dr. Mark McKenzie, professor of political science at Texas Tech. "And then if someone like Debra Medina comes in as a Tea Party candidate and splits Abbott's vote, then Wendy Davis has a shot."

Because her views on abortion made her a national figure, McKenzie says that could definitely benefit Davis in her fundraising efforts. However, she'll need to make her campaign a broader mission if she is to have any chance at making it to the Governor's Mansion.

"It's what made her famous, the filibuster, but I would advise her to recast it as  fighting the big Republican machine in Austin," McKenzie recommends. "If she runs on a single issue, she'll catch some voters that were already going to vote democrat, but she will have turned away some independents too."

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