Disabled Floydada Man Needs Your Help

Tony Powell was born with cerebral palsy and his mother needs help finding a van to help get him around town.

When Anthony Powell was born with cerebral palsy the doctors told his mom he would not live past age 8.

“He is classified as a spastic quadriplegic in other words he can’ really do anything for himself everything has to be done for him,” Glenna Powell said.

Next month Tony is celebrating his 33rd birthday and more than anything in the world Tony wishes for a new van.

“It’s getting hard getting him in and out of a vehicle because all we have is a big Dodge truck,” Powell said. “He is getting heavier and of course momma’s getting older.”

Tony’s mother Glenna Powell is 51 years old.

Tony is two inches taller than her.

Sometimes Powell said she has to throw Tony into the truck.

“He weighs about 97 pounds but when you pick him up its like picking up 197 because its just dead weight,” Powell said.

So Powell and Tony have been working on finding a new van-one with a lift for his wheelchair.

They found one in Lubbock but they can not afford it.

“We can’t afford another vehicle,” Powell said. “He draws his government check and that is not much but it is enough for us to live on and get by.”

So Tony set up a website hoping to raise the money instead.

“A friend of his told him about this site where people can make donations to help him get it,” Powell said.

Tony needs to raise $50,000 to buy a new van.

So far he has only raised one percent-he needs your help.

“We really appreciate anything that anyone does for us,” Powell said. “Like I said even five dollars that will help get us closer.”

Powell said it would be the best present she could ever give her son.

“It would make him happy and that is all that counts,” Powell said.


If you would like to make a donation to Tony copy and paste the link below:



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