East Lubbock Residents Unhappy About Dumpsters Placed in Their Front Yards

City workers move dumpsters literally right in front of houses on the 3400 block of East 18th Street.
By Anne Parker

"That's just crazy. They could do anything else besides put it right there."

Some unhappy folks on 3400 block of East 18th street in Lubbock, say city workers moved the alley dumpsters into their front yards.

"They weren't concerned at all and then they didn't give anyone no warning or nothing," says resident Brittany Washington. "Like they just came and just dropped it off.

Washington says she walked outside a few days ago enraged to find these dumpsters literally sitting in her front yard... and she isn't alone.

"They pulled up to the neighbor and blew his horn and made him move his car," says  homeowner Nikki Diam.

Reisdents tell KAMC News that three dumpsters-- were all moved from the alley behind their street.

Diam says she tried to call the city on Tuesday.

"They said we can call and make a complaint but it could take like a year or so before they find out what they gonna do," she said.

Not only are residents upset about how it makes their street look, parents on this street worry about their kids safety.

"It's a hazard. For the kids. And not only the kids... the whole residence you know," Antionette Wilson. "And the kids they can't even ride or play on the sidewalk cause the trash can is right there. And I don't think that's fair.

Bottom line-- they want the city to do something to remove these dumpsters.

"Put them in the alley where they go," says Wilson. "Or put them in [a] field anywhere."

"It makes it look trashy you know, like a dumpster outside of somebody's house. That's not right," says Washington. 

The City of Lubbock Waste Management tells us that this is a privately owned property and until they can figure out a safe entry and exit into the alley... the dumpsters will remain in these folks front yards. 
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