EUB Hires Attorney for Internal Investigation

The Electric Utility Board voted Wednesday to hire an attorney to look into a recent bid process.
The Electric Utility Board voted Wednesday to hire an attorney to look into a recent bid process.

"This is an exercise that none of us want to go through, but the accusations been brought up," Lubbock Mayor Glen "Let's face them head on, and bring somebody in and let's clear all of this."

Mayor Robertson, who is a non-voting member of the EUB, said these allegations were brought up in last week's board meeting, in executive session. That limits how much they can talk about anything. This all surrounds the bids for the 2019 future power supply.

"You know, there's been a lot of questions raised, and I don't know if they're valid questions or not, and I think we've gotta stress that. These are allegations being made by a third party, outside of the city council, outside of this LP&L board," Mayor Robertson said.

He said this all has to do with making sure all the laws were followed in the bidding process. "I think it's time now for everybody to just kind of step back, calm down, and let the folks who have been hired to investigate, let them do their job," he said.

The Mayor said he's spoken to several people on the LP&L staff about the bids. "From everything I've gathered, from talking to staff, from talking to people who handle purchasing at LP&L, it appears to me that everything is as it should be," he said,

He also said he hopes the review from the attorney comes back clean. "I truly believe what's going to happen: we're gonna get to the end of this 30 days, this outside party's going to say, 'You know what, we've got no issues, everything's good, continue on'," Mayor Robertson said.

LP&L spokesman Matt Rose said the board hired the firm Andrews Kurth, based out of Houston, because of their reputation and expertise in the energy industry. "LP&L is committed to the highest integrity, and ethics when it comes to this process, and the Electric Utility Board will review the findings of the third party and act upon those findings," Rose said.

Rose also said he had not been advised on how long the internal audit could take.
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