Expert Predicts Consequences if Shutdown Continues

Many government workers woke up this morning realizing that their hours and paychecks are in jeopardy, and one expert predicts that if the shutdown continues, everyone will be feeling the consequences.
"It's early, but right now the indications are that factions within the republican party are starting to fray."

Tim Nokken, a Political Science Professor at Texas Tech, says that the shutdown won't end until one side concedes. 

"There's no indication the democrats are going to cave," said Nokken.

"If this is gonna get done, the republicans have to figure out either what they can do to avoid that or just basically throw in the towel and say let's give in on this and live to fight another day."

Meanwhile, government agencies remained closed leaving an estimated 700,000  people out of work, or unsure about when they'll get their next paycheck.

And if you are expecting a check, it may not come for a while.

"We think about processing certain claims, or maybe getting checks from certain government agencies," said Nokken. "That's not gonna happen."

Agencies around town that are mostly functioning are:
  • - The Social Security office
  • - The Post Office
  • - The courts are open
  • - The National Weather Service
  • - The Military Recruiting offices .
  • - The local FAA office

Agencies not open:
  • - The Small Business Administration
  • - The local IRS office

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