Experts Say Winter Is A Good Time For Landscaping

You would not think about it but winter is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs.

            Temperatures on the South Plains are dropping but underneath those winter gloves may be a green thumb.

            “It’s an excellent time, especially for trees, a lot of shrubs can also be done this time of the year,” Paul Nash said.

            Nash is the President and co-owner of Nash and Associates landscape architects.

            He said now is a great time to do a little landscaping.

            “Nearly all trees would be better off to go ahead and do in the winter months,” Nash said.

            Nash said just because trees are not growing leaves does not mean their roots are not working underground.

“The tree will go ahead and establish roots while it’s dormant,” Nash said. “The roots keep growing even though the top is dormant and doesn’t have any leaves or any new growth on it.”

Growing trees now gives roots time to latch onto the soil before the leaves bloom in the Spring.

Nash said the extra time reduces stress on the plant.

 “People are not thinking about it as much as they should,” Nash said. “It really should be more prominent for that reason. They should be thinking about getting your trees in, getting beds prepped and getting construction done.”

Winter planting does not just reduce stress on plants Nash said it is a lot less stressful for you as well.

“We are not as busy as we normally would be so there is not a waiting list for their design work or instillation work,” Nash said. “Usually it’s a couple of weeks in the Spring and Summer we can be a couple of months behind.”

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