Family Friend Remembers Victims of Plane Crash

Three members of a West Texas family died in a plane crash early Monday. A family friend shared memories of the family.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- The single engine plane took off from Lubbock late Sunday night, but never made it to its destination in Amarillo. A husband and wife and their son were all killed in the crash. We spoke with a family friend who describes the family as genuine, kind-hearted people.

"I am just so sad to hear about the loss and I am so sorry for the two daughters who are here. I know they are really going to go through a lot and miss their parents because they were really great people," said family friend Crystal Graff.

Graff was shocked to hear the news William and Robin Capt and their son William II had died in a plane crash early Monday morning.

"Talking to Robin I always knew that her family was the most important thing to her. And they were the type of people that didn't do kind things for others so other people would see, they just did kind things for other people," said Graff. 

Graff says the Capts were an intelligent family. William was a physician in Canyon and Robin was a professor at West Texas A&M University.

"Very intelligent people, very smart, very calm down to earth people they were good good people," she said.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, but the National Weather Service says conditions were foggy when the plane disappeared around 1:30 AM after multiple attempts to land. Local pilot Mark Drake says its too soon to tell what caused the crash.

"We know the aircraft was perfectly well equipped to fly in instrument conditions and shoot the approaches up there, so I am not sure what happened. It did look like he had quite a long day of flying so it could have been fatigue issues, hard to say and I don't want to speculate. Its a very unfortunate situation," said Drake.

Graff says this is a heart-breaking loss for anyone who knew the Capts.

"I think the one thing that just stands out to me about the Capts is their genuine, genuine hearts and the things that they did for other people was from their heart not for other people to know about or talk about, they just gave quietly, the way that we all should," she said.

Again the cause of the crash is still under investigation, but we're told the fog was so bad at the time it went missing, DPS had trouble finding the plane.

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