Fast food workers strike.

        The fast food industry is not known for its high paying jobs. But today workers across the nation are speaking out saying they want more money. 
       Today fast food workers in Houston, San Antonio and across the nation stepped out going on strike saying seven to eight dollars an hour isn't enough. 
Workers are protesting saying they want to unionize and are saying they want to earn 15 dollars an hour, that twice what many are making now. 
Many of these workers coming from businesses like Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King and other fast food chain restaurants. 
We got to talk to a few folks here in the Lubbock area and see what they thought about what these people are demanding, saying they understand but it sounds like bit much. 
       Many workers are saying minimum wage is just not enough to live off of, living paycheck to paycheck and some on food stamps they're working for an industry that makes 200 billion dollars a year.
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