FBI Ranks Lubbock as 8th Most "Violent" City in Texas

City ranks in top ten with Houston, Dallas, and El Paso in terms of violent crimes committed in 2012.

A new report released by the FBI ranks the Hub City as the 8th most violent city in the state.

The report listed 1,962 violent crimes in 2012. 11 of those were murders, up a few from the eight recorded murders the city saw in 2011.

Sgt. Jason Lewis of the Lubbock Police Department says their high reporting rate may have lent to the less than favorable ranking.

"Lubbock P.D. is kind of at a point where we can answer a lot of calls that maybe a lot of larger departments wouldn't be able to handle," according to Lewis. "When you take reports on that, it's going to make your crime stats a little bit higher than maybe some cities that don't have the manpower to report the things that we end up reporting."

Houston topped the most dangerous list, with more than 21,000 violent crimes last year. Lubbock is the second smallest city on the list, after Amarillo.

Lewis also says that being a college town can lead to higher crime rates, as young adults tent to be targeted.

"I would say a lot of times [those targeted] are younger, because they're out, late at night, experiencing and enjoying themselves," Lewis says.

But even if the statistics sound concerning, LPD says they still have a faster response rate than some larger cities.

"In a lot of cases we're able to respond fast enough here that when they arrive on scene it's still an active situation," Lewis says. "And we will report it and document [domestic violence], where in a lot of cases that just wouldn't get reported."

LPD says there has been no spike in violent crime over the past few years, and that all reported crimes have maintained a fairly steady rate.

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