Final Red Kettle Totals Are In

The ringing season is over and the final total for donations is in.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

Today the Salvation Army of Lubbock wants to say thank you.

“We’re ecstatic,” Justin Eatherly with the Salvation Army said. “We’re not only happy, we are overwhelmed with what the community has done in this short amount of time.”

Thank you to the Lubbock community for helping them out after a tough ringing season.

“Just these last two weeks when the community saw that we we’re already struggling because we had a shorter season and bad weather, they really stepped it up for us,” Eatherly said

Last Friday Eatherly with the Salvation Army told KLBK they were $80,000 short of their goal.

Now with the Red Kettle campaign over and totals calculated he said they came really close.

“For this year our goal for the red kettle campaign was $225,000,” Eatherly said. “It looks like we have landed around $210,000 that includes cash and change that has been placed in our red kettles.”

But that does not include checks and private donations.

“Before we start our red kettle campaign we factor in how much cash and change we will need to meet the goal of our programs and services we offer throughout the year,” Eatherly said. “So we don’t include check and private donations that come in through the door.”

But the Salvation Army had more going on this holiday season than just red kettles.

On Christmas they served a holiday feast to more than 300 people and the helped give out more than 5,000 toys to needy kids through Toys for Tots.

“Not by us, not by anyone that we have hired, but by the people of Lubbock that have come together and provide us the millions of toys, provide us the thousand of dollars, provide us these things to help those that come to us in need,” Eatherly said.

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