Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, the fire department has safety tips to keep your home fire safe.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Christmas lights are to blame for a Sunday night fire at 82nd and Slide. The Fire Department says there are a few easy things you can do to make your home fire safe this holiday season.

"If you do have it and you have a short circuit in there, if you have combustibles close to the wire, very easily could ignite a fire which is what happened last night. There were leaves up on the roof, close proximity to wear that short occurred and produced a pretty significant fire up on the roof," said Battalion Chief Rob Keinast.

Keinast says to make sure your lights aren't near anything combustible.

"We always recommend especially before you put up any lights indoor or outdoor, always inspect the wiring, any exposed wiring, any damage to the insulation. If you have broken or cracked connections that's the time to dispose of those lights and go ahead purchase new ones, don't try to make repairs on those," he said.

Keinast says dry Christmas trees are another major danger.

"Very big hazard on the live Christmas trees always recommend water then everyday, shut off the lights before you go to sleep at night. If your tree has already dried out definitely is the time to discard it even if its before Christmas," he said.

And he says to be careful in the kitchen while preparing your holiday meals.

"Unattended cooking fires are always one of the leading causes of fires around the holiday season, very hectic a lot of family in, very easy to keep maybe a towel, kitchen towel too close to a burner and it catches on fire so always take those extra precautions," he said.

Keinast says candles are another major cause of fires around the holiday season. He recommends keeping the candle in a large candle holder away from young children and pets.
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