FISD Calls for an $85.2 Million Bond: Wolfforth and Frenship ISD are Planning to Grow Together

Decisions are coming for Wolfforth Frenship ISD trustees, approve the call for an $85.2 million bond election.

District officials say this bond is necessary, to keep up with a growing population.

That means more kids, in school. 

With this proposed bond...  

The city of Wolfforth is anticipating a lot of growth- hoping that with more students... more families are going to be moving closer to the schools. 

The city manager of Wolfforth tells us that the population in 2010 was 3700 people, with a normal growth rate of 6 percent annually.

But now, that rate is expected to spike. 
There are currently three family oriented neighborhoods under construction, right next to Frenship high school.

So the city needs to be ready -- and grow educational facilities in order to keep up...

FISD current enrollment in 5th through 8th  grades is over 2600.

In 2017... this will surpass  the nearly 2500 capacity of Frenship highschool.

With kindergarten and first grade enrollment... numbers have elevated to more than 700 students each. 

But with the growth-- Wolfforth residents could be forced  to open up their pocketbooks in other ways.

The city says water rates are expected to rise... as our property taxes.
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