Frenship Boys Golf Team Raises Money For A Special New Friend

The boys golf team played in a tournament to raise money for 5 year old Reya Banda.

By: Meredith Hillgartner


Today co-captains Josh Montoya and Dathan Terry are using their talents for a good cause.

They are leading the Frenship boys golf team in a tournamenet to raise money for Reya Banda.

“She was born with fetal alcohol syndrome,” Montoya said. “So were just trying to raise some money for her help her out with a service dog.”

“Reya has fetal alcohol syndrome,” her mom Stephanie Banda said. “Basically what that means is her birth mom drank a lot of alcohol when she was pregnant.”

The syndrome causes irreversible brain damage and Reya’s mom said that leads to a few behavior problems.

But Banda said a service dog would be a big help.

“They said it was trained to calm her down through her tough moments,” Montoya said. “Anything that can help her that would be great.”

 “It will be able to help Reya when she is having meltdowns,” Banda said. “It will nudge her or lick her to calm her down. She has a lot of sensory problems so it will lay on her to help her. When we are in public we can tether her to the dog so she wont be able to run off.”

The dog will cost $22,000, the Bandas are supposed to pitch in $13,000/

So far the team has raised almost $8,000 and the tournament called ‘Birdies for Banda’ will help them raise even more with every shot they make.

“I think its a great way to put golf together and give back to the community,” Terry said. “At the same time were all greatly blessed being able to play golf.”

 “We are fortunate to do this and be able to help somebody out with it,” Montoya said.

  “I think it is amazing,” Banda said. “It’s awesome what these people, complete strangers, have done to help my child.” 

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