From Lubbock With Love -- Local Relief Effort Shipped to Philippines

Two months after a devastating typhoon in the Philippines, Lubbock's own Breedlove Foods shipped off 35,000 lbs of hunger relief supplies Monday morning.
by Victoria Price

35,000 lbs of emergency relief are now making the journey from Lubbock to the Philippines, and it's all thanks to Breedlove Foods.

The local hunger aid organization produces dehydrated food product for disaster relief. Thanks to them, 800,000 packaged servings for the people of the storm-stricken islands were shipped off on Monday morning.

"The problem has not gone away, and so our food is a needed commotity," according to David Hankins, Breedlove's Director of Donor Development.

Typhoon Haiyan tore through the island nation last november. Breedlove and their partners on the ground there say the country is still struggling to recover.

"You know, a lot of the media has stopped talking about the event, but it's still really bad," Hankins says. "This is food for the long term, as they're trying to put their lives back together."

"What I've learned over the years working in emergency relief is that it's always 3-5 months after the initial influx of aid that people begin to need help, to get them through the rebuilding process," according to Mike Goodwin, a member of Evangelistic International Ministries, and one of Breedlove's partners in the Philippines. "Through those months after everybody's forgotten about them."

Along with the food, they'll be sending one of their own. Hankins himself will be traveling to the island of Panay to assess the country's situation, and if more hunger relief may be necessary.

"To be able to get over there and then report back to our people here, to you guys here in's just a really exciting thing to be able to do," he says.

Since the disaster, Breedlove has raised $42,000 in donations -- exactly enough to cover the cost of this project.

"I'm always blown away by this community, and how they respond. We're very appreciative, and I know the people in the Philippines are going to be very appreciative," Hankins says. "The Lubbock community always steps up when it's time to step up."

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