Frying a Turkey Tomorrow? Check Out These Safety Tips

If you're choosing to fry your Thanksgiving bird, be sure to follow these safety tips.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Fire Departments have been warning about the dangers of frying turkeys for yearsOdds are you've heard the warnings before, but they want to remind you again how quickly fryer fires can get out of hand as you can see in this video.

They say to keep the fryer at least 20 feet away from your house, shed or garage, be careful when you put the turkey in the hot oil and take it out, have an extinguisher handy, and most importantly make sure the turkey is COMPLETELY defrosted.

We spoke with owner of The Outdoor Chef and barbeque expert Ray Bonner who says making sure your bird is defrosted and completely dry is crucial.

"If you put a bird that has just a little bit of ice in a fryer, you can really cause havoc and don't do this in your garage if you are doing a fry because if you have a fire in your garage you're gonna lose your house," said Bonner. "A lot of people are going to the brining rather than the frying for safety and a lot of people are using indoor fryers where you close the lid rather than the outdoor fryer with gas that you have to mess with a lot because those are dangerous because again a little oil inside and you've got an open flame, you have a big fire."

The Lubbock Fire Department says luckily they haven't seen a fryer fire in a few years, but they do see lots of burn injuries from fryers so they recommend wearing clothing that covers you.    

"The main risk that we have with these are those burn injuries and again with propane fired fuel turkey fryers you do have an open flame with them just use extreme caution and follow all those recommended manufacturers instructions," said Rob Keinast, Battalion Chief with the Lubbock Fire Department. 

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