God Belongs In My City

For Make a Difference day, we talk to Prayer Walk Coordinator, David Zepeda, about the upcoming "God Belongs In My City" event.


There is a peaceful movement of epic magnitude that is flowing like a vast wind sweeping across this nation.  It’s a movement that is uniting generations, cultures, races, and religious denominations.  They join together to walk on common ground and declare in bold confidence that “God Belongs In My City.”

The God Belongs In My City Prayer Walk is a national movement and statement of faith that has communities and cities banning together to not just impact their city, but bring change to their city and to the world.  With GBIMC Prayer walks being organized in numerous cities across the country and abroad, the movement has grown tremendously since its conception in 2009 and is now set to take over the entire city of Lubbock once again.

 “What we are praying for is that all churches and believers in Lubbock come together to pray and take a stand for our city,” said David Zepeda, Event Coordinator for Lubbock. After last year’s successful walk, this year is sure to be even more of a blessing to those who attend.  “This is a FREE event. A prayer walk that will help strengthen our faith, and impact our city by uniting all Christians as one body in Christ.  We are expecting to see hundreds of believers come together to declare that ‘God Belongs In Our City,’ Zepeda added.” Praise and worship will start off the event, and then the walk will begin.  Afterwards a special concert will be held for all to enjoy.

The Prayer Walk will be Saturday, October 26th.  It will begin at 10:00am, at the Wells Fargo Amphitheatre located at 413 E. Broadway Street, Lubbock Texas.    White and black “God Belongs In My City” t-shirts will be available for sale that morning. This event is FREE.  For more information or promotional materials, please contact Event Coordinator, David T. Zepeda at 806-281-0205 email gbimclbk@gmail.com

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