Gov. Rick Perry Issues Statement Regarding Hance Retirement

Gov. Rick Perry Friday issued a statement on the resignation of Texas Tech University System Chancellor Kent Hance:
Gov. Rick Perry issued the following statement on the resignation of Texas Tech University Chancellor Kent Hance:

"Chancellor Kent Hance's decision to step down as head of the Texas Tech University System marks the end of an incredible era not just for the System, but for higher education in Texas. Thanks to his leadership, higher education is more affordable and accessible to thousands of Texans. As chancellor, Hance helped the Texas Tech University System raise an astonishing $1 billion, much of it during the nation's economic downturn. He also led the effort to hold the line on tuition increases and creation of a $10,000 degree at Angelo State University. His legacy will be felt by countless Texans for generations to come, whether they are graduates who proudly hang a diploma on their wall from one of the System's outstanding institutions, or anyone who benefits from the ideas, innovations and initiatives brought to life through the Texas Tech System.  Please join Anita and me in thanking Chancellor Hance for his service to Texas."
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