Grady Defeats Ropes 41-28

Tonight Ropes kicked their season off against Grady at home.
And now we check in down in 6-man as the ropes eagles are young this year, but have an experienced head coach in Lane Jackson that will look to lead them back to the playoffs in 2013.

Tonight they kick their season off against Grady at home.

Off to a great start with QB Tj Medrano handing off the ball to RB Jordan Molian as he runs it to the redzone.

Tj Medrano with another handoff to Jordan Molian will take it all the way in for the touch down, only 2 points behind Grady 8-6

And now Grady with the pass to #24 taking it all the way in for a touch down, even taking the ref down with him.

Gradys QB with the handoff to #4 taking it in with another touch down, following it up with a good field goal gaining the extra point.

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