Grand Opening Of Lowrey Field at PlainsCapital Park

LISD unveiled the newly renovated Lowrey Field at PlainsCapital Park Sunday. First game there will be Thursday August 29th.
After three years of renovations, Lowrey Field at PlainsCapital Park is finally open.

"Its a phenomenal day. Our crowd is great, the field is in great shape. Its really something I think our community can be super super proud of," said LISD Superintendent Berhl Roberston.

Robertson says he remembers when this park was just a concept, and he is amazed with the final product.

"It is a great place for our kids to have events not only just football, band, fine arts, so this will be a well used facility for many years to come," said Robertson.

"When we traveled to other stadiums in other districts,  it was incredible to see what other districts had done, so Lubbock had in a sense been left behind," said Mitch Watson, Co-Chair of the 2020 Bond Campaign.

Watson says this park shows the Lubbock community was willing to invest in itself.

"A big part of the bond was getting the community to understand the needs, and getting them to realize where LISD was and the district, and for us to be able to continue growth and continue attracting students to LISD, we needed to have some upgrades so the bond was a big project for every campus," said Watson.

Robertson says he's excited for the park's inaugural season to begin. 

"Its a fabulous facility and at the end of the day for me its about community and more important its about our kids. That's the excitement for me, to see our kids out  here today and the band, our football players out here, our cheerleaders, just the look in their eye you just cant replace that," said Robertson.
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