Gun Show Vendors Talk New Laws and Regulations

At the 9th Annual Silver Spur Gun and Blade Show vendors talk about new state laws and federally proposed regulations.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

Thousands of people packed the Lubbock Civic Center Saturday for the 9th Annual Silver Spur Gun and Blade Show.

It is the first of four gun shows in Lubbock this year and show director Kim Sansom said it is something they work very hard on.

“When we started doing the show here it was smaller, much smaller,” Sansom said. “So we have worked really hard to build this show, so when our people come in the door there is a big variety of vendors and merchandise for them to come and look at.”

If you look back a year ago gun sales were through the roof and ammunition wouldn’t stay on the shelves-but Sansom said things are starting to calm down.

“The sales are still going strong of course things have loosened up, prices have come down,” Sansom said.

Skyler Davis and the team at Damron’s Pawn in Amarillo agree-saying they finally have inventory on their shelves.

“There is still a hype out there,” Davis said. “Six months ago was the black gun hype. Everybody wanted the A.R. type rifle, the ammo was real hard to get. We’re starting to see ammo come back around; you are starting to see it back on the shelves.”

In September Texas implemented a new law lowering the required classroom hours to get your CHL.

Davis said it has brought Damron’s Pawn a lot of new customers.

“The CHL is the second most requested license in the state of Texas,” Davis said. “It’s drivers license first, then CHL. It’s actually more sought after than a marriage license now.”

“What we have seen in the last year is a big increase in women getting their CHL,” Sansom said.

Friday the White House released a statement regarding two new executive orders regarding background checks for people buying guns. The first looks to make the definition more clear for people who have been voluntarily or involuntarily committed to a mental institution. The second allows additional medical information to be accessed by the National Criminal Background Check System.

“I think they need to add the mental health background check to the NIX system when they are calling in,” Sansom said. “I think that is good but the universal background check I am not in agreement with that.” 

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