Haven ACS Director Donates Money To Help Pet Owners

Haven Animal Care Shelter is fighting overpopulation of stray and euthanized animals in Lubbock and helping those in shelters out for the holidays.
By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK,TX--- Stray animals and overpopulated animal shelters has been an issue for years, especially here in Lubbock. 
That's why one animal shelter is trying to help out. 
"I've done this for about, for over 30 years, animal rescue and spay and neuter is the answer," said Dr. Brenda Wilbanks, driector of Haven Animal Care Shelter. 

Thousands of animals are put down each year right here in Lubbock. 
That's why Dr. Wilbanks is making it her mission to promote and help others spay and neuter their pets. 

"Well we educate people for one thing but we have started a spay/neuter program. Its called "Haven Hope for Animals Fund"... 
Well I made a personal donation for $100 thousand. And thats what we started with and I'd like to keep funding that." 

Dr. Wilbanks' donation goes to help others who may not be able to afford the operation. Already several people have taken advantage. 
But wilbanks wants more. 

"Probably over 100 at this point but i want way more than that i want to make a difference... 
We try to educate people but mainly we're trying to do something and give them the financial help to get the spay/neuters done." 

The Haven is doing much more working with others making sure that cats and dogs stay out of shelters and into loving homes. 

"I always tell people the animals are here waiting for you. They're ready to greet you and they have a lot of love to give." 

There are a lot more ways that you can get involved with the Haven. 
They are always looking for volunteers or you can always give a donation.
Haven Animal Care Shelter is also having a pet supply donation drive throught the month of December. 
They're collecting food, bedding, cleaning supplies or anything to make sure some of these animals have what they need this holiday season as well. 
You can donate on Saturdays at the Haven... Or if you need to drop it off another time you can find more contact information at HavenACS.org   

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