Health Department Urges All To Get Flu Vaccine

Its flu season from now until March. And several cases of the H1N1 strain have been found right here in Texas.
By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- Its flu season from now until March. 
And several cases of the H1N1 strain have been found right here in Texas. 
And to protect us here in Lubbock--
KLBK's Joshua Cole Little spoke to the Lubbock Health Department on how you can escape the flu this season. 
Protecting yourself can be as easy as rolling up your sleeve and getting a shot. 

"Defintiely its not too late. Now is the time to get a flu vaccine to protect yourself against the flu," that's what Ronda Cartwright, with Lubbock Health Department has to say about protecting yourself. 

"CDC recomends that everyone get a flu shot annually
Any disease is only a plane ride or a car drive away because we're such a mobile society." 

Already five people in Texas have died this year from the H1N1 strain of the flu - also known as swine flu.
And getting your shot- could keep you from coming down with it. 

"The flu vaccine that we are currently giving contains the swine flu in it." 

Many counties surrounding Lubbock including: 
Lubbock, Crosby, Floyd, Hale, Hockley, and Lynn counties all have laboratory-confirmed flu cases. 

"To prtoect yourself against the flu make sure you wash your hands reallyt well cover your coughs and sneazes. No in your hand. Cough into your elbow or down your shirt."

And whether you're 6 months to more than 100 years old... The health department urges everyone to take extra precautions. 
"Make sur eyou get lots of rest we're in the christmas new years season so people are staying up late and doing more activities make sure you get plenty of rest. Stay hydrated. And eat well balanced." 

And if you you see symptoms like fever over 101, body aches, drt coughing and think you're coming down with the flu---
"Call your phacisian they can get the medicine that will help you get wll faster." 

Now here at the Lubbock Health Department they say even if you've already had the flu this year-- get the shot. 
It could make all the difference. 

If you want to get the flu vaccine... You have another chance this Monday. 
The health department will be having another clinic on  december 30 from 830 am to noon. 
They encourage everyone who has not had the vaccine this year to come out and get the shot. 
Especially since many people are traveling this time of year.

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