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Thousands of people suffer from diabetes in Texas. KAMC's Allison Morrison reports.
Thousands of people suffer from diabetes in Texas.

Here at home, Fred Hardin is part of that statistic.

He's been working to control the disease for more than 30 years.

"There really isn't a day off from diabetes," Hardin said.

He's 57 now, but when he was just 25 years old, he was diagnosed with the disease.

"Incredibly thirsty, had a lot of pain in my legs and having a lot of weight loss," he said of his symptoms.

At first, Hardin's doctor told him he had gout.

"Went back and I said, you know, I know you're going to think that I am a hypochondriac, but I just don't feel great and so they did the test and diagnosed me at that point in time."

With the diabetes diagnosis confirmed, Hardin spent the next 15 years taking medicine to control his blood sugar and at one point, he was giving himself four shots a day.

"There are some things you just don't have control over, like stress for example. You know, you can try to monitor your diet and everything and being the human that I am, I'm better on some days of doing that than I am on others," he said.

At one time, Hardin was under quite a bit of stress.

He was a teacher, a principal, and even the Deputy Superintendent for Lubbock ISD.

"When I was with the school district, that was kind of hard because you know, there were so many luncheons and dinners and things where you really didn't have an opportunity to monitor your diet as much," he said.

Although Harding says the diabetes diagnosis hasn't changed his life too much, it was partly because of it, he changed careers, hoping to have better control of this chronic disease.

And with the right medication, diet and exercise, he's doing just that.
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