Hiking Up the Heat Could Lead to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Recent single and teen digits across the South Plains have many people trying to keep cozy. But as KLBK's Brittany Escobar reminds us, as you hike up the heater your household is at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Covenant's Dr. Richard Ranne said its important to keep in mind that your furnance, gas stove, and even your vehicle in your garage can be hazardous.

"In your home, wherever you have a closed space and there is some form of heating going on," said Ranne, "A
nytime you have a closed space you have to be afraid of carbon monoxide poisoning."

Ranne said the silent killer is odorless and doesn't cause symptoms until it builds up in your blood.

hat happens then is the body cant get enough oxygen as the carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in the blood cell," said Ranne.

Once carbon monoxide poisoning occurs Ranne said it's vital to get out of the toxic space and into fresh air.

he symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are nausea, headache, which progresses to dizziness and then at times is can lead to coma," said Ranne.

He said ventilation is key to keep this from happening to you and your family.

"The best prevention for carbon monoxide poisoning is adequate ventilation," said Ranne, "The number two thing is to not let children work with space heaters or to burn in a closed space."

He said a small build up of carbon monoxide can be tolerated with proper ventilation.

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