Homeowners Selling House Because of Proposed Walmart

One south Lubbock couple say they're so upset by the Walmart that will be built at 114th and Quaker that they're selling their "dream home." KLBK's Alison Morris reports.
By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK- The proposed Walmart at 114th and Quaker is a done deal and many south Lubbock residents are very unhappy.

"This was kind of like, our dream home you could say, and we're disappointed that we're having to move because of such a monstrosity."

Miranda Box and her husband built their home in Brooke Heights not even a year ago and they're now selling it.

"We don't want to walk out our front door, turn to the left and see a Walmart. We don't want to see a parking lot, we don't want to see bright lights. Our bedroom windows will face the Walmart parking lot and the big, bright lights."

Several homeowners in the area shared Box's concerns.

So when the zoning committee voted to allow the Walmart to expand they laid out several provisions to block light, noise and traffic, and Walmart agreed. 
"It's just a promise right now," said Box. "Who knows if that will even happen. We've heard promises before."

Starr Prumer, who lives in Vintage Township said she feels like she and her neighbors had little choice in the matter. 

"They acted as though we had a vote. A lot of us out here in Vintage feel like our voices weren't heard a whole lot. I just don't see the need for another big, massive Walmart over here but I don't feel like we had much of an option. It was kind of a forced deal."

The zoning committee said they stand by the agreed upon provisions.

As for Box, she said, too little, too late.

"Good luck to the people who live here and near this neighborhood I guess."

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