Hospice Patient's "Bucket List" Wish Granted

A local hospice patient's bucket list wish has been granted with the help of musician Jeff Bailey.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- When asked about things she'd like to do in the next few months, hospice patient Jill Self said she'd love to go see musician Jeff Bailey play again. But she got quite the surprise when Bailey came to her.

"A surprise and awesome, he has a wonderful voice and I never dreamed that I'd have him in my home singing to me of all people," said Self.

Self has been a patient with IntegraCare Hospice for a while now due to her esophageal cancer. Self's family teamed up with the IntegraCare's Tiffany Willis to set up the private concert.

"When she came in you could see the elation on her face and we all were crying and laughing and crying some more and it was just a beautiful event," said Willis, "The surprise aspect of it was to give her, to take her mind off of her illness little bit and also give the family something to celebrate again."

Self's daughter Jessica Blount says it was a huge success.

"To have her have that much joy and to see it on her face and be able to be a part of it and there was laughter we all laughed watching her kind of get that extra little boost of excitement and fun, it just means the world, it makes everything so much easier," said Blount. 

"You've always dreamed of your favorite movie star or celebrity or the pope or whoever, but never ever dream they would come to your house and it was really totally a surprise and the most wonderful one in the world," said Self.

Blount says they were originally hesitant to use a hospice service, but this support has really helped their family through this difficult time.

"They don't focus on you have an incurable disease you can't do anything they actually go the opposite, you are going to do this, we are going to help you do it whatever we have to do we are going to get through that and I think that has really been wonderful," said Blount.

"With hospice you don't know what to expect is going to come up next they are always doing something wonderful for you," said Self.

Bailey and guitarist Junior Vasquez played seven songs for Self and 25 of her closest friends and family. We're told they even took requests from some of her bridge club friends.

Here is the full story: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o-2z5gjQEys

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