Hot Apps for 2014

Here's a look at some of the hottest new apps for the new year.


Hot Apps  for 2014

FLIPAGRAM – The company that created Instagram has come up with another way to use your pictures. It takes your pictures and uses music you love to create a slideshow. With this app, users can select dozens of pictures from the phone’s gallery or photo storage area. The music can be added from your phone to create a full slideshow. The slideshow is about 30 seconds in length. The videos can be posted on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or you can email the video to a friend. The free app is available on Android Store and the Apple App Store.

Want a tad bit of trivia? Well get QUIZUP. It’s a trivia game. You can challenge others to trivia games with over 250 topics. Topics range from music to movies, and of course history. Installing the app and using it is as easy as one, two, three. While the app is free, the unfortunate part is the developer has only created an app in the Apple App store. An Android user app is coming soon, according to the developer.  

Want to earn a little extra cash while you shop? The IBOTTA app is a new coupon-style-money saving app, which acts like a game at the same time. Download the app, pick your store and scroll through to see offers. To get the money from a purchase, take a one-question quiz or post to Facebook to save 25-cents up to $10 on items. Once you make the purchase, and verify the purchase, the money will go into your PayPal account. The free app is available in the Android Market and IOS store.
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