How The Government Shutdown Impacts Texas Tech

The shutdown also having some major impacts at Texas Tech.
The government shutdown will also have some major impacts on Texas Tech in the areas of research, financial aid, and support from federal law enforcement agencies.

The university says pending research awards may be adversely affected. New grant applications can be submitted, but there is no one to process them at the federal level.

The shutdown also means a delay in payment of federal financial aid for students, including those that receive military benefits.
The shutdown will also effect support from federal law enforcement agencies, both with tactical and technology operations. The university says Texas Tech police will continue to coordinate with local, county, and state agencies for support.

"Texas Tech University has in place an operational plan to address the key areas of sponsored research and student financial aid. The plan will be reviewed if the shutdown continues longer than a month," said University President Duane Nellis, Ph.D.

The university says they will be providing institutional loans to bridge some of those effected by financial aid delays until federal funding is again available. 
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