How Wild and Exotic Animals Stay Warm in Freezing Temps

The wild and exotic animals at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will be just fine in the bitter cold tonight, thanks to the special TLC workers there provide.
By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK- Officials at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center are prepping their animals for the bitter cold night.

Almost all of their animals there suffer from some sort of pain or injury and have to be taken care of differently.

Many of their wounded birds will be taken inside a heated barn, and others have heating blankets, or shelters they can burrow in.

Gail Barnes takes care of the animals there and said that the special care they give the animals allows them to live much longer than animals in the wild.

"They have arthritis, they have different injuries, or they're very old," said Barnes. "So we treat them with different care than you would a wild animal."

Barnes encourages everyone to bring their pets in doors tonight.

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