Hundreds Run to Help Fight Human Trafficking

Hundreds of people turn out to "Run to Rescue" at Vintage Township, making one woman's dream come true in her fight against human trafficking. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.  

Gloria Todi, director of Women's Ministries at Trinity Christian Church led the movement that started "Run to Rescue."


"Young women were being taken," Todi said. "They were being lured in by the lights and they were kept as slaves through the night. They drug them up and they keep them and they make them do things that they do not want to do."


Run to Rescue benefits A21, an organization dedicated to finding and rescuing human trafficking victims.


Currently, 27 million people world wide are victims.


Todi said that many of them are transported across Texas.


"Trafficking in the US is coming in through the Texas highways," Todi said. "They are coming and using our highway system."


According to the United Nations, someone is taken or sold into slavery every 30 seconds.


"We all know something needs to be done about it," Todi said. "Today we chose to be the someone."


The women of Trinity got together to work for a change and Run to Rescue was born.


Nearly one thousand people joined them.


"We're conscious about a lot of things in this country," race participant Calvin Davis said. "I think this is one thing that we aren't as conscience about and we need to get some attention on it."


Trinity brought in 15 thousand dollars today and it's just the beginning of their efforts to help.


If you want to learn how to help their cause or make a donation you can go to the Trinity Christian website,

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