Imagine Lubbock Projects are Underway With More to Come

The projects started in August and Wednesday officials updated the community on their progress.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

It has been more than a decade since David Langston was the Mayor but he is still looking out for Lubbock-only now he is part of the Imagine Lubbock Together project.

“When you have economically depressed areas in your community it affects everything about your community,” Langston said.

The I.L.T. project took ideas from community members and turned them into an eight part plan to revive the city.

 “You want to have a vibrant school system, you want to have a vibrant down town area,” Langston said. “You want to make sure that you preserve the neighborhoods that are already in existence.”

Wednesday morning they met to update the community on the progress.

One part is neighborhoods and that is where Langston gets involved.

His team, along with Texas Tech, was able to get a $24.9 million Promise Grant to revitalize schools in east Lubbock.

“To try to improve test scores and performance of students and to basically remove illiteracy from our community,” Langston said.

Now they are working on an application for a Promise Zone.

“What we talked about is not to focus on the small sliver of area that the education grant is focused on but widen that area too the entire north and east quadrant of the city,” Langston said.

“It’s focused on bringing jobs and economic opportunity and growth and development to poverty stricken areas of a community.”

Another big part of the project is the revitalization of downtown.

“It’s a very vibrant economy and we believe a revitalization of downtown Lubbock is imminent,” David Williams said.

Williams, with Centennial Bank, moved all of the companies operations to downtown.

He said it was a wise decision but said it is not just businesses that need to make a move.

He said people need to live downtown too.

“We’re going to have to get living urban lifestyle into the downtown Lubbock market,” Williams said. “Where people are actually living here, shopping here and eating here and being entertained here.”

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