Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Tips for keeping your home in working order through the winter.

Assistant Fire Marshal Elliott Eldridge said people get creative when winter weather blows into town.

“This time of year when the first cold snap comes through well usually see a rise in house fires,” Eldridge said.

He said those fires could be easily avoided.

“An un serviced central heating unit that would cause some fire danger,” Eldridge said.  “So we recommend to have those serviced annually.”

“We can come out and do a safety check, a tune up, just make sure your system is operating the way that you need it to,” Chito Ochoa said.

Ochoa is a service technician for Lowery’s Heating and Air.

 “Air flow is the number one cause for any heating or air conditioning system,” Ochoa said. “You want to avoid closing your vents in the home and just make sure that you have a clean filter. We recommend that you change it once a month.”
A filter is not the only thing you need to change.
Eldridge said you should take a look at your smoke detector too.

“Check your smoke detectors,” Eldridge said. “This time of year they should be checked at least monthly. Make sure your changing your batteries. We recommend you change those when you change the clock, twice a year. “It’s also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector if you have any gas fired appliances such as a gas fired furnace or water heater.”

Once you have checked all your appliances Ochoa said it is OK to flip the switch on your thermostat.

“Just turn it on,” Ochoa said. “You can go ahead and switch it from cooling to heating and then use your natural senses to make sure everything is OK.”

Ochoa said if you hear, smell or see anything out of the ordinary to immediately call a technician or 911. 

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