Jeena Roberts Attorneys Request a Change in Venue

Former Texas Tech student's lawyers do not feel she would have a fair trial in Lubbock.
Former Texas Tech student's attorneys are asking to move her trial out of Lubbock because they feel like potential jurors might already be biased against her.

In Friday's change of venue hearing, Jeena Robert's lawyers argued that they don't think she will be able to get a fair trial right here in Lubbock because they say there has been too much extensive media coverage.

The video above, from the night police first arrested Roberts for killing a woman in a drunk driving accident, is one of the main reasons attorneys say she wouldn't be given an unbiased trial here.

Court documents show she had been drinking on a Texas Tech class field trip prior to the crash.

Prosecution argues that the coverage of this case wasn't unusual and did not portray it in an inaccurate or flamboyant light.

Roberts plead guilty last November to the charges against her... on one count of intoxication manslaughter and another count of intoxication assault. 

Roberts then  tried to jump bail this past January, by not showing up to jail.

The judge will make a ruling on the change of venue Monday. More details to come.

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