Kids Play With Fire; Set Backyard on Fire

Kids in an east Lubbock neighborhood almost catch their entire home on fire.

Red flashing lights lit up the sky of the 3400 block of east Colgate early Wednesday night.

“It was a couple of kids playing with fire,” Assistant Fire Marshal Elliot Eldridge said. “Got the shed caught on fire in the backyard.”

The backyard is toast and several neighbors said the fire got close way too close to their home.

“It got close to threatening the structure of the main house,” Eldridge said.

He said it takes first responders an average of three minutes to get to a fire.

“Any amount of time that you wait to call postpones us getting there,” Eldridge said. We’d rather be there and not be needed than get there a little too late.”

He said this accident is a great example of how dangerous fire can be.

“That is exactly the message we are getting across,” Eldridge said. “How dangerous fire is, how fast it can get away. It’s not a toy, it is a tool for adults and then it still gets away from us sometimes.”

Eldridge said they do not know exactly what the kids were playing with.

“Whether it was matches or lighters they use what they find laying around,” Eldridge said.

Eldridge said kids are always going to be curious about fire but what is most important is to make sure kids know who to call and where to go in case a fire does start.

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