Kiosk Changes Students Race at Texas Tech

A new machine in the student union building hopes to teach kids about race and diversity by changing the way they see themselves.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK, TX-Ricky Sherfield and the Texas Tech Cross Cultural Center are trying to get a message across to students with the ‘Race Experience’ machine.

“Students can realize we are all one coming together,” Sherfield said.

Students like Ernesto Lopez who was born in Mexico.

“I think the program is pretty interesting,” Lopez said.

The machine allows students to take a picture of themselves and change their race to Middle Eastern, Black, Indian and more.

“It’s very different not something I expected,” one girl expressed.

Sherfield said the machine is supposed to teach students about race and diversity-but he hopes faculty and staff will get involved too.

“Basically take advantage of the resource and use it as a diversity tool that students can take advantage of it and share their experience,” Sherfield said.

“Most of them look like me but it is strange to see it in a different perspective,” one girl said.

Sherfield said it is a nice tool for an expanding university.

“The student body is growing, and the amount of countries being represented here on Texas Tech campus is growing even more,” Sherfield said. “So we have different ethnicities different students from all over.”

Sherfield said the kiosk is only the beginning, but the school hopes students will share their experiences with one another.

“Students can share their experience with us and we can have two way dialogue with students about their experience, and different discussions that may arise after you experience the kiosk,” Sherfield said. 

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