Kliff's Secret to Having Hair Swag

Kilff's big secret is his local hairdresser at Regimen Salon.
"He comes in about every three weeks," says stylist Natalie Craig.  

Kliff's big secret is Natalie Craig, owner of Regimen Salon here in Lubbock. 

Craig has been cutting Texas Tech Coaches hair since Mike Leach. 

Leach recommended her to Kliff. 

But don't expect to see him during normal business hours. 

"You think the girls are crazy... our guys are just as crazy. We had
had one guy pick up his hair and so we've had a lot of neat little things these guys come up with," she tells us. 

Craig says local folks come in all day long looking for the "Kliff Cut." 

"They will follow the lead which is great, you know, he's not a bad looking person to try to compliment. He's been looked at with Ryan Gosling i think his hair is better than Ryan's," laughs Craig. 

First it was the short cut, then the messy cut on top, then a deep side part and now, his new New Years look that has fans of all ages talking about. 

"Everybody of all ages wants that haircut and so its nice, it's trendy, it's fun, it's good to see him out there its just kinda fun thinking, 'oh I did it!'"

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