Liberty University Leader is "Heartsick" about Tuesday's Death

19-year-old Joshua Hathaway was shot and killed by a campus officer Tuesday.
Two communities hundreds of miles away are trying to cope with the loss of a Lubbock teenager who was killed yesterday in Virginia.

19-year-old Joshua Hathaway attended college at Liberty University.

Police say he attacked an officer Tuesday and was shot and killed.

Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. told students his own family was impacted by a similar incident. 

He talked about a situation in 1931, when his grandfather had to shoot his younger brother in self defense. 

Police reports show Hathaway was going through personal difficulties recently, which may have led to Tuesday's shooting.

Without giving the name of the officer in yesterday's shooting, Falwell tells students to pray for everyone involved

"I know how stressful college life can be.  I know at your age, everyproblem seems to be magnified.  You haven't been through these types ofproblems before, but I urge you to get help.  Don't wait until it boils over," says Jerry Falwell at Wednesday's service. 

Hathaway's parents called the chancellor this morning, he told them the Liberty community is "heartsick" about what happened yesterday.
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