LISD Football Plans For Bad Weather

School officials talk about thier plans for bad weather at Friday night football games.

For most Texas Friday night is all about high school football.

But sometimes mother nature is not a big fan.

“[We are] just trying to make everyone aware at this point that there is a possibility of bad weather,” Mike Meeks said.

Meeks is in charge of facilities and operations for athletics in Lubbock I.S.D.

He decides whether a game is played or not when weather rolls in.

“Our number one concern is dealing with player and spectators,” Meeks said.

Lubbock I.S.D. and all schools around Texas have to follow UIL rules regarding inclement weather.

“Most of these decisions happen during the game,” Meeks said.

Meeks said the district stays in close contact with the national weather service if there is even the slightest chance of a storm.

“Right now we know there is a chance for inclement weather and we’ve been monitoring,” Meeks said. “We’ll just stay on top of it and monitor the radars.”

Meeks said detectors let them know if lighting hits within eight miles.

If it does play has to stop.

 “Once we measure a three to eight mile range on the lightening detector then we will use a 30 second flash to bang indicator to determine when we need to move kids from the playing field,” Meeks said.

Players and coaches are moved to the field house.

Fans can head into the concourse underneath the stands or keep safe in the concession center.

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