LISD Prepares Students and Parents for Winter

Lubbock ISD takes necessary steps to keep kids safe.
Lubbock ISD is doing everything possible to keep your kids safe out there- especially in potentially dangerous winter weather. 

Any time there are expected icy conditions, LISD sends out drivers at 4 a.m., to test out city streets.

Then-- administrators will meet with The National Weather Service, to decide whether or not to delay or even cancel school.

Tune into KAMC Morning News... and expect a call around 6 a.m. letting you know the final word. 

"Watch your telephone and all of the media reports to make sure you're aware of what is gong on," says Director of LISD Communications, Nancy Sharp. "And then begin early.. it's really important parents take their time getting to school. Leave early and plan ahead." 

Some parents tell us that they will be bringing their kids to school instead of riding the bus to keep them safe. 

"My wife and myself will be bringing them to school every morning, that way we know they have a heater in the vehicle from the time they get in to the time we drop them off," says LISD parent Jarod Powell.

But, if your kids are riding the bus- make sure to bundle them up! 

"For parents, put your kiddos in lots of layers something on their hands, kee their feet dry, wear boots if they've got them and hats. Hats are very important. Bundle them up well and keep kids dry and warm if they have to stand out in the weather for any period of time," says Sharp. 

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