Local Bank Warns of New Phone Scam

Peoples Bank of Lubbock warning customers of a new phone scam that could compromise your banking information.
By Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- Peoples Bank of Lubbock wants all everyone to know of a new phone scam that could put their banking information at risk. On Monday afternoon, dozens of their customers called in to report receiving a suspicious phone call.

"Shortly after lunch we had a number of customers calling, inquiring about phone calls they had been getting," says Peoples' marketing director Chelsea Salazar. "Telling them that their debit cards had been blocked."

The automated message told customers they needed to press 'one'. They were then prompted for their account number and debit card details.

"We don't believe its a security breach with any of the banks," Salazar says. "Just a random group of phone numbers."

The suspicious calls supposedly came in from an unusual 1-800 number.

"It was one digit short of a legitimate phone number," Salazar explains. "So it's a weird number."

Peoples Bank says their customers aren't the only ones who should be on the lookout.

"So, we have figured it out that it is not just our customers, but a number of banks, here in the Lubbock and Slaton areas," Salazar says.

And, they want to remind the community to be more aware of scams during the holidays.

"Unfortunately this is the time of year where it gets even worse," Salazar says.

Monday afternoon, Lubbock Police released a
press release warning about the scam.

Fortunately, Salazar said she wasn't aware of any of their customers who had compromised their banking account information.

If you receive a call similar to this, even if you aren't a Peoples Bank customer, you're urged to hang up immediately and notify your financial institution.

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