Local Couple Hoping to Drive Donations for Flood Victims

The Jesfjelds of Lubbock plan to rent a U-Haul and drive a load of donations to Colorado to support flood victims.

Torrential flooding in the past week has made Colorado far from an ideal vacation spot. But one Lubbock couple has decided to make it their anniversary trip destination.

"We were watching the news and I decided that instead of taking a vacation, we'll use our vacation money to help out over there in Colorado," says Danail Jesfjeld. "And it'd be the perfect vacation for us and our anniversary."

The Jesfjelds are working with Colorado-based relief groups. They'll be collecting donations all week, and then packing up a U-Haul bound for Boulder, CO first thing Monday.

"Any donations, anything will help out with the flood relief victims," the Jesfjelds say. "The children need clothes, the children need toys, the animals need food, water...the more water we can get to them, the better."

The South Plains chapter of the American Red Cross has also deployed their first volunteer. He'll arrive tuesday night to serve as a mental health counselor for those displaced by the flooding.

"We're excited that we're deploying our first volunteer to help with the relief efforts in Colorado," according to Shannon Smith, their executive director. "He's a licensed counselor here in Lubbock and he is deploying to Denver as we speak. He'll either be in a shelter or an evacuation center where he will basically just comfort and love on people, as they wait for the waters to decrease."

Click here for information on how to donate to the Jesfjelds efforts.

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