Local Family Fundraising To Get Disabled Daughter Service Dog

A Wolfforth family is asking for the community's help to get disabled daughter a service dog. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald has more.
Stephanie and Anthony Banda adopted their daughter Raya when she was just two years old. Now they are trying to raise $13,000 to get a service dog to help with her disability.

 "Raya was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, with that we have a lot of behavioral problems, no impulse control, we like to run off. She has meltdowns," said Stephanie.

The Bandas say the dog would help Raya learn social skills and keep her safe.

"What the dog would do is when she starts to have a meltdown it would distract her from that, it would nudge, lick her to get her to stop throwing her fit. It would be able to track her if she ever gets out of the house because we have started to run a lot lately, and we can tether her to the dog when we are out in public so she cant take off because its getting to where she is trying to run across busy streets and really scary stuff," said Stephanie.

The service dog would be trained specifically to deal with Raya's behavioral problems through the program "4 Paws For Ability."

"They train service dogs, mainly for children. 95 % of their placement is with children. The lady who started the program, she had applied for a service dog because she had an illness and was denied and so when she got better she decided that that wasn't right and she was not going to ever let anybody be denied for a service dog that needed it," said Stephanie.

The Bandas say the dog would help Raya for many years to come. 

"Its getting a lot worse as she is getting older. When we adopted her we had an idea she had it, but we no clue what Fetal Alcohol Syndrome meant. No idea, and unfortunately we've been told she will never be able to live by herself, she wont be able to function like a normal child or person functions," said Stephanie.

Donations can be made in Raya's name directly to "4 Paws for Ability" at www.4pawsforability.org.

To keep up with the Banda's Fundraising Efforts, visit https://www.facebook.com/4pawsforRaya?fref=ts.
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