Local Non-Profit Launches Major Typhoon Relief Effort

Lubbock's Breedlove Foods announced Wednesday their plan to ship at least one major container of emergency food supplies to the typhoon-stricken Philippines. One 40 foot container alone could feed almost a million people in need.

One Lubbock non-profit has made a major pledge to help relief efforts in the Philippines.

Breedlove Foods announced Wednesday they'll be shipping at least one 40 foot container to help feed victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

"When something like this happens, this is really where we kick into high gear and do what we're called to do," says Breedlove's David Harkins.

Breedlove creates, packages, and delivers dehydrated food products all over the world. They're fighting global hunger...right here in our own backyard.

In the past week, the storm has devastated the Philippines. The unprecendented destruction has displaced more than half a million people. .

"There are so many different elements that have to come together to make sure we can get this done in a timely manner," Harkins says. "How are we gonna get it over there, what's the means of transportation?"

Breedlove fits more than 500 pre-dried, pre-packaged servings into one case. They plan to ship more than 1,500 cases in their container.

That's nearly a million meals to feed those in need.

"So, this is just really an opportunity for people to get involved in just an enormous relief effort," Harkin says. "Right here, from Lubbock, Texas."

But, Breedlove says they can't do it alone. Air freight will get the supplies to storm victims the quickest. But, shipping one container via air can cost upwards of $50,000.

If you'd like to donate to their cause, you can visit their website, www.breedlove.org.

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