Local Representatives Discuss Third Special Session On Transportation Funding

Representatives Charles Perry and John Frullo discuss what's ahead in legislative special session number three.
Representatives Charles Perry and John Frullo are getting ready to head back to Austin next week. While they aren't happy it's taking three sessions to decide on transportation. They're hoping to get something passed on Monday.

"What they are trying to do is come up with additional funding for transportation of about $800 million dollars," said Representative John Frullo.

Frullo says the state needs to come up with hundreds of millions of dollars for transportation funding. He hopes they can reach a conclusion soon.

"This will be the third time and I'm not sure, I'm assuming it will pass but I am not sure," said Frullo.

Representative Charles Perry says he thinks Texas can re-appropriate budget money, instead of relying heavily on the rainy day fund.

"There’s alternatives to the rainy day fund. There is $680 million left in our budget that we did not appropriate that should be dedicated towards transportation," said Perry.

He thinks transportation funding could have been decided on in the regular session, but says debate in special session has generated some good ideas.

"It seems like every time we go back we come up with a little better solution maybe.  So as bad and painful as this is to be here in August going into special session. Its a big enough issue that we get it right and don't just do something for the sake of doing something," said Perry.

Both Perry and Frullo say they're ready to come home to their families and businesses.

"It is the non-routine. We fully expected to be here for work and we put things off until after May saying we will be back in June, well June came and now July has came and so its just a constant juggling," said Perry.

"140 days is a standard session. There is 30 days in each special called session, we've had two of those so we are now in over 200 days and we would like to get back to a normal life," said Frullo.

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